Southwest District Kiwanis Foundation

The Southwest District Kiwanis Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is managed by its board of directors and officers.  One of the principal items that the foundation operates is Kamp Kiwanis, located in western New Mexico near the border with Arizona.  The Kamp has a full-time manager who lives on the property and manages activities at the Kamp.  

The manager for Kamp Kiwanis is Krista McDonald.  She resides at the Kamp and is available for tours and price quotes at 505-778-5764.  Her e-mail is

Officers and E-mail contacts:

President - Marge Carrithers -

President Elect - Marge Carrithers -

Vice President - Bob Morrell-

Treasurer - Jim Sowers -

Secretary - Burt Snipes -

Past President - Jim Sowers

Check out the Foundation Facebook page at Southwest District Kiwanis Foundation for more photos and info.

Vice President Elect, Bob Morrell (left) and President - Marge Carrithers

Treasurer and Past President - Jim Sowers (left) and recent President - Bob Kay

Kamp manager- Krista McDonald

Past Governor - Joe DeBlasi and Secretary, Burt Snipes