Southwest District Kiwanis Foundation

The Southwest District Kiwanis Foundation provides many different ways 
for you (or your Kiwanis Club) to support its efforts.

The following programs are designed to help sustain the viability of the foundation and the operation of Kamp Kiwanis.  Every Kiwanian in the Southwest District should be a part of at least one of these programs.  

Sustaining Membership

This is the easiest and least expensive way to help support the Southwest District Kiwanis Foundation.  Sustaining memberships are available for a minimum contribution of $50 per year (or as much as you would like to give).  That's less than $1 a week and actually works out to only 14 cents a day.  A sustaining member gives whatever amount they are comfortable giving each year.  The foundation provides them with a distinctive pin that can be worn to show that they support the Foundation and Kamp Kiwanis.  Each year that a sustaining member renews their membership with an additional contribution, they receive a new pin showing the number of years of support that they have provided.

For more information about Sustaining Members or an application sheet click this button.

To see a list of the current Sustaining Members, please click here.


The Southwest District Kiwanis Foundation offers Kachina awards for $1,000 each.  These can be purchased by a Kiwanis Club to recognize an individual, or they can be purchased by anyone who wants to help support the Foundation.  Kachinas are similar to Hixson awards in that the cost is the same, but a Kachina supports the Southwest District Foundation while a Hixson supports the Kiwanis International Foundation.  With the purchase of a Kachina, the recipient receives a shadow box with a medallion indicating their membership in the Kachina society as well as a medallion on a ribbon that can be worn to all official Kiwanis events.  For an additional $100 an actual Kachina doll can be presented to the recipient.

For more information about Kachinas or an application sheet, please click here.

Southwest District Foundation Blazers

If you have attended an annual convention, the mid-year conference or any number of other Kiwanis events throughout the Southwest District, you have surely seen one or more of the Foundation blazers.  These blazers are available through the Foundation at a cost of $650 each.  They can be purchased by anyone, or your club can purchase one to honor an individual.  They are given to past presidents, Kiwanians of the Year and for many other reasons.

For more information about SW District Foundation Blazers or an application sheet, please click here.

Legacy Society

The Legacy Society is the premier way for an individual to support the Foundation.  Membership in this exclusive group requires a commitment of at least $5,000.  It can be given as an outright gift, or it can be provided in numerous other ways.  In fact, the donation can be provided over time.  If you are doing estate planning, deciding on beneficiaries for life insurance or setting up a trust, please consider the Southwest District Kiwanis Foundation.

In the past, Legacy Society membership has been earned in a variety of ways.  If you have thoughts about how you might like to proceed and aren't sure whether your ideas would work, please contact one of the Foundation officers to discuss it.  We have many needs and significant flexibility to assist you in structuring a commitment that will work for you.

For more information about the SW District Foundation's Legacy Society, please click here.


The family of John Stocker, former Kiwanian from the Queen Creek, Arizona club, recently asked how to direct donations on behalf of John to Kamp Kiwanis.  John passed away in June, 2012 and the family wanted to request that donations in memory of John be directed to Kamp Kiwanis.  John had spent many great hours at the Kamp and had helped in the design and construction of many of the buildings.  His love of the Kamp and his dedication to Kiwanis prompted their inquiry on how to accomplish this. 

Gordon Hendrickson, Governor of the Southwest District in 2001-2002, [Governor Gordon Hendrickson] passed away unexpectedly on May 25, 2013 in Albuquerque.  His wife, Nancy, requested donations in his honor be made to the Southwest District Foundation for the benefit of Kamp Kiwanis. 

If you have a similar need, or would like to donate money to help support the ongoing programs at Kamp Kiwanis, please send your gifts to the following address.  Please make your donations payable to "Southwest District Kiwanis Foundation" and send them to our treasurer.

Southwest District Kiwanis Foundation
c/o Jim Sowers, Treasurer
5318 Kings Row NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Past Governor, Joe DeBlasi and President, Marge Carrithers wearing their Kachina Awards as they present an award to Nancy Drouin.