Southwest District Kiwanis Foundation

Our Management Team:

The Foundation is managed by a governing body that consists of the following:
Vice President
Immediate Past President
One Director from each Division within the Southwest District of Kiwanis
Three At-Large Directors from within the Southwest District of Kiwanis Officers serve a two-year term.  Directors serve three-year terms.  According to our by-laws, directors are elected by their respective Kiwanis Divisions.  At-Large Directors are elected at the annual meeting of members.

Officers and Board Members for 2016-17 are:
President-Division 8 - Carrithers, Marge
Pres. Elect -Division 8 -Carrithers, Marge
Vice-Pres-Division 2- Morrell, Bob
Secretary -Division 2- Snipes, Burt
Treasurer- Division 2-  Sowers, Jim
Im Past Pres- EO- Sowers, Jim
Governor- EO- Iafrato, Michael
Gov-elect- EO -Verburg, Ed
Im Past Gov -EO- Carson, Bob
Dir-at-Large - vacant
Dir-at-Large -vacant
Dir-at-Large 7 Baumberger, John H.
Director 2 - Ferguson, Jack
Director 3 Mendius, Louise
Director 4 Casaus, Gabriel
Director 5 Stone, Patti
Director 6 San Miguel, Lupe
Director 7 Pfeifer, Craig "Horse"
Director 8 Drouin, Candie
Director 9 Leeper, Dawn
Director 10 VACANT  
Director 12 Day, Jim
Director 13 vacant
Director 15 Greer, Charlie
Director 16 Kaukol Frank
Director 17 Steininger Gretchen
Director 18 Jackson, Larry      
Spec Adv- SA- Irvine, Patrick
Risk Mgr- SA- Lowry, Michael
KK Manager- SA- McDonald, Krista

Click here to see minutes from our recent meetings.  Contact Secretary, Burt Snipes for older minutes.